Our Pioneers Sat Sri Akal !

N.R.I. Pioneers whom arrived from India before 1980 to the United Kingdom ,North America & other Global Destinations. This web site is in honor of our immigrant grand parents,great grandparents,relatives and ancestors whom sacrificed their happiness to give us the opportunity of a great life. They endured much sadness and heartache to provide a brighter and prosperous future for us all. Today thousands reap the benefits of this hardwork, perseverance, courage, strength and vision. We are eternally grateful to them, for we are able to live in these beautiful lands with our modern amenities and luxuries.

Why Punjabi matters, because we have come to embod a resurgent with the rest of the Punjabis for entrepreneurhship and achieviers by nature. Because there music is kicking some serious butt globally. Because Daddy's secret weapon again are conqurering the taste buds across the world, the people of the planet are insisting on chicken tikka masala before embarking on operations, because they can teach the world about resilience and joie de vivre than any other ethnic group, because you can't ever translate "chak de phatte. Because no one can make you feel-good as much as them. "koi gla nahi" Characteristically , a Punjabi is a romantic by heart. Famous love sagas "Heer-Ranjha & Sohni-Mahiwal are played out on Punjabi soil. A Punjabi is a fighter like a cowboy by instinct. This is why Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Hari Singh Nalwa (weighed 280 pounds) put an end to centuries-long invasions from the northwest. A Punjabi is an connoisseur by taste. That's why every Punjabi Palahi wala, talks about Maaki di roti aur saang .

Name Village Arrived Location Birth approx Location Death
Dhawan S Sall Palahi 1904 Vancouver2/12 1864 Palahi1/20 1955
Santi Kaur Palahi   Palahi 1865 March13/1905 1905
Naina S. Bains Kandola 1908 Vancouver 1881 North Vancouver 1959
Jarnail Jagat S.Sull Palahi 1932 Vancouver 1905 North Vancouver 17-09-1968
Mamta Gango K. Sull Palahi 1959 Vancouver 1905 North Vancouver 07-05-1983

wife of Jarnail & mother of Surain & Tara.

Teja S Sull Palahi 1955 Phillipines 1932 North Vancouver 1992
Nand S. Sall Palahi 1925 Vancouv 3/13 1905 Mesachie Lake, Surrey, Langley 1996
Manjit K Jagpal 1943 Vancouv 8/11 1913 Hill Crest,Vancouv 1966
Gindo K Sall Palahi 1943 Vancouver 1937 Hill Crest, Surrey 2004
Jeevan S Sall Palahi 1943 Duncan 1938 Mesachie Lake Surrey,Abbotsford 2005
Najeena S.Gill Palahi 1907-1958 Vancouver 1882 Youbou,BC-Palahi 1976
Surain S Sull Palahi 1951 Vancouver 1928-07-01 North Vacouver 27-8-97
Parkash Kaur Sull Balaspur-Palahi 1957 North Vancouver 1926-08-02 North Vancouver-Maple Ridge 17-9-2012

Karm "Jathadar S Bains Palahi 1932 Victoria 1900 Victoria 1973
Tara S(Maha)Sull Palahi 1932 San Francisco North Vancouver
Phoman S Sull Palahi 1932 San Francisco North Vancouver
Jagat (Jugu)Sull Palahi 1932 San Francisco Port Alberni-Vancouver 1975
Takhar S Sull Palahi 1932 San Francisco 1901 Vancouver Mar 7th,1980
Kabal S Sall Palahi 1930 Vancouver 1914 Mesachie Lake-Duncan 2008
Beant S Sall Palahi 1936 Vancouver Jan 1/1900 Mesachie Lake-Duncan B.C. Sept 24,1974
Nasib K Sall Palahi 1941 Measchie Lake 1/3/1924 Duncan B.C. Dec 6/2005
Sarjit S Sall Palahi 1959 Mesachie Lake Aug 4th,1959 Duncan B.C. May 19th,1989

Son of Beant Singh

Chanta S Sall Palahi 1928 Vancouver Lake Cowichan 1969
Rhajan Sall Palahi 1961 Lake Cowichan 1961 Port Coquitlam 11-7-2002
Amer S Sall Palahi 1952 Vancouver Mesachie Lake-Richmond 2005
Mota S Sull Palahi 1961 Vancouver   Avola B.C.-- Surrey 2008
Lashker S Sall Palahi 1961 Vancouver Mesachie Lake-North Vancouver 1989
Pritam S Sull Palahi 1959 Vancouver North Vancouver 1990
Parkash S Basra Palahi 1964 Vancouver Vancouver  
Joginder S Basra Palahi 1961 Vancouver Vancouver 2005
 Dhana S Bring Chahuru 1931 Vancouver Vancouver 1982
Raja S Basra Palahi 1941 Stockton Calif Stockton Calif 1955
Hernam S (Mala) Sull Palahi 1928 Stockton Calif El Centro Calif 1987
Jagat S. Sull Palahi 1941 Sanger Calif Sanger Calif 1980
Sucha Singh Sall Palahi 1970 Port Alberni BC 1948 Port Alberni 30-4-1995
Gurbaksh S Sull Palahi 1959 Vancouver Montreal 2007
Kerhar S Basra Palahi 1961 VavenbyB.C. Squamish B.C. 2007
Harjit S Salh Palahi 1969 Vancouver 1950 Surrey 02-02-2000

RCMP Superintendent

Jeet (Amar) S Basra Palahi 1955 Youbou B.C. Lake Cowichan BC 1980
Seibo Basra Palahi 1958 Duncan B.C North Vancouver 1961
Pargan S Sall Palahi 1960 Vancouver Victoria 1992
Mehar S Gill Palahi 1940 Stockton Calfi Stockton Calif 1960
Baldish S Gill Palahi 1969 Vancouver Surrey 1987
Babu Jagat Singh Palahi 1955 London U.K London U.K. 2000
Rattan Singh Virk Palahi 1925 Palahi 1925 Palahi 1975
Maha S Salh Palahi 1956 Panama,Surrey 1923 Surrey 30-08-09
Dedbo Sull Palahi 1958 London U.K 1932 England
Nazar Sall Palahi   1960 Vancouver 1918 Vavenby,Mesachie Lake,Port Alberni 26-3-2011
Jeevan Basra Palahi 1963 Lake Cowichan 1946 Lake Cowichan-Coquitlam 24-12-2009
Tara S Sull Palahi 1948 Bellingham Wa, N. Vancouver 05-1930 North Vancouver, B.C. 27-08-2011
Harvey S Sall Palahi 1956 Lake Cowichan 1955 Prince George-Abbotsford B.C. 07-2011
Udham S Sall Palahi 1938 Vancouver 1899 Lake Cowichan / Palahi 1966
Sohan S Sall Palahi 1951 Delta BC / BlaineWa 1924 Delte BC / Palahi Jan 2014
Name Village Arrived Location Birth approx Location Death
Kamaljit Sall Palahi 1969 Vancouver 09/02/1956 Richmond/Surrey 14/03/2007
Jason Raj Sall Palahi 1988 Surrey 23/04/1988 Surrey 10/10/2011
Sohan S Sall Palahi 1951 Lake Cowichan/BlaineWa 1924 India Jan 2014
S Jagat S Palahi Palahi 1992 Vancouver 05-01-1928 Victoria B.C. 1-11-2013
Bagicha S Sall Palahi 1955 Slough UK 1932 Roseville Ca 2009
S Shami S Sall Palahi 1960 Slough UK 20-10-1960 Roseville Ca 17-12-2012
J Joga S Sall Palahi 1965 Slough UK 30-01-1965 Fremont Ca 30-01-2015
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