Education for All

Literacy is the least expensive way to bring rural children into the 21st century. Each year we provide scholarships for the Palahi High School students for following Goals

. Expand early childhood care and education
. Provide free and compulsory primary education for all
. Promote learning and life skills for young people and adults
. Increase adult literacy
. Improve the quality of education

Good Health for All

Modern economic progress has been built on good health - longer, healthier, more productive human lives. Good health is not just quality of life. Good health is key to economic growth and sustainable development.

People in the village are living in better health than ever before. But good health for all is far from a reality. The health gap across the Village between those in good health and those in ill-health is widening. Good health still depends on where you live, what you do, how much you earn. The poor, the socially excluded and minorities are particularly affected by ill-health.

Each year we arrange free Medical Camp for rural people .

Encourage Sports in Village

Sports are a great metaphor for Life so that we provide funds for sports each year

Water and Sanitation

Each household will be equipped with a fresh running water connection. Each Household

will be equipped with an underground sewage connection feeding into a sewage treatment plant. Streets will be paved to eliminate unsanitary puddles and breeding grounds for disease.

Wedding Helps

Every Year we provide funds to wedding gifts of new dishes for girls of a lower caste or poorer families.

Job Creation

With the infrastructure facilities being established, we will be fulfilling basic physical needs. Some Jobs will be created directly and, more importantly, so will an entrepreneurial environment for starting small-scale enterprises.